EMS Victory at NLRB against the SEIU

The media in this country, both Liberal and Conservative never ceases to amaze. You would think when a David slays a Goliath, especially when the playing field is stacked heavily in favor of the Goliath, the media would cheer for the underdog and publicize the victory from sea to shining sea. However, despite the fact this was a major victory for protection of basic American freedoms (freedom of choice) for both employees and employers nary a word was printed or a voice heard from the major media. It is important to ask, why when for all the right reasons this should have been a major news story, the media was silent. Thankfully there are voices willing to speak out! Listen to Dave on the Ernest Hancock Show (links on side bar). Also, The Labor Relations Institute (LRI) picked up on the victory and filed the following story.


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