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In my book The Devil at My Doorstep I documented many incidents of intimidation, pressure, coercion and physical threats by the SEIU and it’s partner organizations such as Jobs with Justice, Interfaith Workers Justice and United Students. Fortunately no one was ever physically harmed, however the SEIU went to great links and expense to promote it’s corrupt agenda! I have said many times that the SEIU hides behind the masks of “altruism” and” social justice” to justify their quest for money, power and conversion of our government to socialism.

The following link provides even more in depth insight into an organization, which will do most anything to achieve it’s goals at it’s members expense! In this case people did get hurt and the SEIU tried to cover it up and expended significant members dues in the process. Please note in the article the SEIU and the Soros Foundation share the same ideology, which speaks volumes and should motivate you to become active in defeating this threat to our great nation!


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