History of Labor Movement

In the book I wrote that I am not anti-union, but against ruthless union organizing tactics. Those who have not endured a Corporate Campaign understandably do not grasp the extent of the problem and the effect it has on our economy, business and employees. It is inconceivable and unbelievable to most people such oppressive and ruthless tactics are not only utilized, but actually protected by our government’s laws.

As business owners we are not allowed to picket, defame or pressure another business into doing business with us. Yet current laws provide unions that exact advantage to forcibly unionize companies and their employees! Does this seem consistent with our Free Market System? Absolutely not!

The story at the link below, specifically paragraphs 4 thru 6, provides a graphic example why EFCA in any form and changes in the NLRA by Becker and Pierce need to be stopped. In fact current rules protecting the unions ruthless tactics need to be removed so as to eliminate the unfair advantage and protection unions now enjoy under the National Labor Relations Board. Unions need to live by the same rules as the rest of the business community! After all they are a business too!



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